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CBD is one of the most promising markets today. Studies predict a global market exceeding $90 billion by 2026.

CBD: a promising market with very rapid growth

Since the legalization of cannabis in many countries around the world, CBD appears more and more as a well-being product that meets the current needs of our society: response to stress, contribution of well-being, treatment of certain diseases.The global cannabis market is expected to reach $90.4 billion by 2026, according to a MarketsandMarkets report. This equates to a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 28% from the cannabis market’s $20.8 billion evaluation in 2020.Within the cannabis market, concentrates are projected to have the largest CAGR through 2026 due to the wide variety of different types of concentrates including shatter, budder, rosin, wax, oils, and tinctures.The medical cannabis sector is expected to dominate the market with the growing list of countries embracing medical cannabis and the increasing use of various types of CBD, the report says.Additionally, the North American market is expected to continue expanding: Canada legalized adult cannabis use in 2018, the legalization process is in the works in Mexico, more U.S. states pass adult-use cannabis laws each year, and medical cannabis treatments across North America have never been more popular. The presence of large cannabis corporations like Canopy Growth Corp, Aurora Cannabis Inc., and Medical Marijuana Inc., will also spur investment in the North American market, the report says.In Europe, Germany is moving forward with plans to legalize adult-use cannabis while Malta — the European Union’s first member nation to pass legalization — recently shipped its first medical cannabis export.Source:

Joia, a promising CBD brand

Today, Joia stands out as one of the brands experiencing very strong growth in this buoyant market. Our vision is to create a global brand, addressing all growing markets, and offering a high-end service to make CBD a luxury product for selective customers.Joia has a rigorous approach to delivering a high-quality, unique product:- Exclusive control over high-end crops
- Hand-picked suppliers
- Outstanding product quality in Europe
- Certification for all products
Our R&D team is constantly developing new varieties of products, thanks to our selective extraction process. Recent developments include:- Fruity variants: mint, strawberry, orange, lemon, vanilla
- CBD oils for pets
- Well-being food supplements: zinc, saffron
We strive to be at the forefront of innovation for high-end wellness products.

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